Types of Insurance in Calgary

There are a number of different types of insurance. Some types of insurance are required by law to be taken out while others are optional. In either case, insurance can be a benefit to anyone who has it. They offer a variety of protections and cost savings that far outweigh the cost of taking the insurance out. Listed below are a few descriptions of some of the different types of insurance and their benefits to policyholders.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance is one type of insurance that is required by law but has a number of benefits. Auto insurance can keep a person from having to completely pay for damages caused by him or her in an accident. With some auto insurance plans, it can also cover repairs for damage done to the policyholder’s own vehicle. An uninsured motorist add-on can be added to protect the policyholder in the event he or she is in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Health insurance

Health insurance helps relieve the financial burden caused by medical care. Depending on the type of health insurance policy, policyholders are responsible for a certain percentage of overall cost of medical care. Some health insurance policies also include a prescription drug plan that aids policyholders with the costs of prescription drugs. Health insurance policies can be purchased individually or as a group as is the case with employer-provided health insurance.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance can help policyholders pay for dental care. Just as with health insurance, dental insurance help relieve the financial burden of dental care. They typically cover policyholders for preventative care as well as basic and some major dental care. Different policies cover policyholders for different percentages of dental care. Dental insurance can also be purchased individually or as part of a group.

Life insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays a benefit to named survivors in the event the policyholder passes away. This gives the survivors the opportunity to pay for outstanding debt and funeral expenses incurred by the policy holder. Any additional benefits are dispersed to the beneficiaries to use as they see fit. Some life insurance policies allow policyholders to borrow against the policy while they are still alive should an extreme financial situation arise.

Home owner’s insurance

Home owner’s insurance protects the home of the policyholder and relieves the financial burden on the policyholder should the house get damaged. It not only covers policyholders from acts of nature that can cause damage but also protects them against claims such as slips and falls that may occur on their property. Add-ons can be purchased with the basic policy to extend the coverage available.

Insurance can benefit nearly everyone in some way. Many people pass up purchasing insurance because they see it as an added, unnecessary expense. Truth be told, the cost of insurance premiums are far more manageable than the costs that would be incurred should an accident or other damage occur. Anyone interested in learning more about insurance can consult an insurance agent who specializes in the type of insurance they are interested in.